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Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

Before you start shopping for a home, ask these questions (and sub-questions) to make sure you’re on the right track to homeownership.



  • What do I want?

    • Walkability?

    • Schools?

    • Gyms, yoga, swimming, hiking?

    • Cultural or sports centers?

    • Crime rate?

    • Commute?

    • Public transportation?

    • Type of house?

      • Single-family? Condo?

      • Bed and bath count? Kitchen size?

      • Yard and outdoor amenities?


  • What can I afford?

    • How much income do I have?

    • What are my expenses?

    • What will taxes be?

    • What will insurance look like?

    • What’s the current mortgage interest rate?


  • Am I financially prepared?

    • How’s my credit?

    • How much do I have saved?

      • For a down payment?

      • For closing costs?

      • For repairs or other issues?


  • How do I make the best bid possible?

    • What’s a fair price to offer?

    • Should I go above or below asking price?

    • What contingencies should I request?

    • What perks can I add to make my offer better? 

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