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17 Things Buyers Should Check On Final Walk-Through


The house is almost yours! It can be tempting to spend the time set aside for the walk-through mentally planning where you’ll place your furniture — but there are some things you should make time to check.



  • Sellers should have removed all their belongings
  • Utilities should be operating
  • Trash or debris should not be present
  • The home should be clean
  • Negotiated repairs should be finished
  • Lights and outlets should be in good working order; bring a charger to test outlets
  • Water should run freely, with no under-sink leaks
  • Appliances should be working appropriately
  • Included items should be present
  • Toilets should flush with no issues
  • Ceilings, walls, and floors should be free of stains, cracks, mold, and holes
  • The garbage disposal and fans should be operational
  • Windows and doors should open and close
  • HVAC systems should be working
  • Landscaping should be maintained
  • The home should be free of moving damage
  • The doorbell should ring


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