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Front Porch Popularity

“I like to sit on the porch and…”
How would you finish that sentence?
Popping up in both renovations and new construction, it seems to be all about the new old-fashioned porch. The front porch is popular with homeowners who want to keep up with the neighborhood or create a welcoming entry for guests. Porches are larger these days, often spanning the length of the front of the house, but even a modest-sized front porch enhances the sense of entry into the house. Wraparound porches with screened-in portions are popular in rural settings and on farmhouse-style homes. A simple portico porch can protect guests while they wait at the front door and provide dimension to a flat-faced house.

Kelly Real Estate has recently sold and is currently offering several properties that boast a delightful front porch.  This photo shows the large, welcoming front porch of 325 Fairway Circle in Gilbertsville.


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